Month: January 2010

7 Great Ways To Show Your Love Today

“Show me the money!” “Put your money where your mouth is.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say one of the phrases above (most likely both) at some point.  They both mean about the same thing:  You’ve talked enough, now show some action. Love is the same way.  It is great (and important) to say that you love your wife, or girlfriend, but words only go so far… and the longer you go without doing something […]

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Popular theory has it that men are easy to please, and women are more, well, complicated. It’s true… women are complicated, but the implication that women are not easy to please, now that one is a complete fabrication.  It’s as easy to make a woman happy as it is to do so for a man. Want proof?  I have listed below 7 easy ways to make your wife happy… Write her a letter Adding this […]