Six Months Later

Different things are significant to different people, but this month marks something of significance to me:  I have now been blogging for six months.

A lot has changed in that half of a year, for me… I’ve gone from 34 visitors my first month to over 50,000 in both October and November.  I have had my articles viewed over a quarter of a million times.

More importantly, I’ve gotten to know myself better, and I have grown (in the mental and spiritual sense) more rapidly since I started writing than at any other time.  I am doing something now that I am actually passionate about, rather than just doing what I need to in order to survive.

I have also found what it is that I want to do for a living:  write.  If I could do that off of A Miracle A Day, that would be fantastic, though I make very, very little money at all from it right now (I do run Google ads at the bottom of each article).  If it comes from some other source (I have started, though never finished, a book, a work of fiction), I would still be happy… after all, I run this site from a passion, not for the money.

That being said, regardless of income, I have goals for the website, and I’ll share them with you now… hopefully this will help me keep them in mind, and perhaps someone will read them and lend a helping hand, whether through advice, or simply spreading the word.

Goals For The Next Six Months:

  • 500 subscribers by the end of 2007
  • 1000+ subscribers by the one year anniversary of the blog (in May)
  • 10,000 visitors in one day (I’ve passed 7,000… 10,000 is the next big mark, but can only be achieved by spreading the word)

Of course, if you want to help me hit the first of those goals, you can subscribe now in a reader or by email (if you haven’t already), or you can recommend A Miracle A Day to a friend, and encourage them to subscribe.

Over the six months I’ve been writing, I have written 171 articles (this one is #172).  I like most of them, obviously (there are a couple I’m not so happy with, like this one), but some of them are ones that I particularly like.  Now seems like a good time to share my favorites, so here are a few of them:

My Personal Favorite Articles (from oldest to newest):

So… there you go, that’s where six months of blogging has gotten me, and where I’d like to go in the next six months.  And all of my goals depend on help from you, my readers… so if you like my site, subscribe (by email) if you aren’t already or spread the word and recommend it to someone you know (or a lot of people, I don’t mind).

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