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7 Ways To Show Your Wife You Love Her

It is important in any relationship for both people to feel loved.  That isn’t too hard to figure out or remember.

What isn’t quite so obvious, or easy to remember, is that your spouse needs different things to feel loved than you do.  How you show your wife that you love her is different than how you show your husband that you love him.

I’ve already written about how to show your husband you love him (see link above), and now it’s time to write about the wives (and girlfriends, for those of you who aren’t yet married).  It’s only fair, after all… both sides of a relationship need to work to show the other person they love them.

How to use this list:  This is not a list of specific actions.  It is more of a set of general guidelines and principles.  You will have to find your own ways of doing each of the points, other than one or two examples.

So, on to the meat of the article, how to show your wife you love her:

  1. Show Her Appreciation

    Your wife needs you to show her that you appreciate her, in both words and actions.  That means telling her “I appreciate what you do” and “I appreciate who you are”… but mostly in a more specific sense, as in “I appreciate that you were there for me when I needed it the other day.”

    For ideas on how to show her appreciation through actions, you might want to read 7 Quick Tips On How To Make Your Wife Happy.

  2. Show Her Respect

    Men and women both need to be shown respect, but how you go about it can be very different.  You can show your wife respect by being old-fashioned when it comes to certain things:  open, and hold, doors for her, let her always enter before you, and standing up for her when someone insults her.

    You can also show her respect by things that aren’t so old-fashioned, things that will be important for as long as the human race is around, like paying attention to her and actively listening to her when she talks to you.

  3. Show Her Romance

    It’s unfortunate, but some men simply aren’t romantic by nature… and women can tell.  In spite of that, women will still appreciate the effort that you put into trying to be romantic.

    If it does come naturally, that’s even better.

    One thing to remember when you are being romantic is that it means a lot more when you are creative.  Rather than just take her to dinner and a movie, for example, you could leave her a small trail of notes, one leading to another, with the last one leading to the tickets.  Trust me… she will remember things like that.

  4. Show Her Love

    This can tie into being romantic, but is a whole lot more, as well.  There are so many ways that you can show her love… hundreds of little things.  And make no mistake, showing her love is all about the little things, not the big ones.

    In a relationship it’s much more important to get the little things right day to day than it is to do big things.

    Some of those small things you can do:  hold hands, listen to music that is special to you together, touch her face, kiss her, hug her, and one that’s important but also usually one of the first things to be forgotten – soul gaze.

  5. Show Her Respect For Family

    Women, in general, are more socially aware than men.  They pick up on how you treat others, especially how you treat family.  This includes both her family and your family.

    Treat family, on both sides, with respect.  This means helping them when they need it… without complaining.  It also means not speaking badly about them… which doesn’t mean hiding the bad parts, but rather that you be nice.  In other words, you don’t have to pretend that they do no wrong, but you don’t have to call them names.

  6. Show Her What You Love About Her

    Women, and men, too, for that matter, need to hear specifics about what it is that you love about them… and not just one time.  Your wife needs reminded of what it is that makes her special to you.

    This can be physical things, like her eyes, her lips, or her touch.  It can also be personality traits, like her honesty, compassion, or sense of humor.

    One of the really good things to tell her is what you love about how she makes you feel.

  7. Show Her She Is Number One

    This, again, is one of the things both women and men need, though men many times try to hide or deny it.

    When you are in a relationship your significant other should know that they are your number one priority.

    This is something that you should show them every day, through all the little things… when she is talking to you, stop doing other things and pay attention.  Stop what you are doing other times, too, just to show them love.  When she calls you, walk over to them instead of just shouting back “What?”.

    And don’t forget to tell her, too.  Tell her she is your number one, the most important thing in the world to you.  Tell her often enough to make sure she remembers.

Once again, as always ends up being the case, it’s all about the little things.  It’s the day to day, moment to moment things that build a relationship, and make it strong enough to last.

Remember… without the little things, there are no big things.

Tell her you love her, and show her that you love her… these are the things that keep a marriage strong.


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