A Group Writing Project In Reverse

Peter tagged me the other day for his Think Differently Challenge, and so I am going to do exactly what he challenged me to do… think differently.

In fact, I’m going to think differently about the very group writing project.  Here is my thinking differently:

A group writing project usually involves coming up with a theme, a la “think differently”, and then “tagging”, better known as requesting an article from, certain writers that they like and/or feel would be a good fit for the topic.  This is a relatively common thing in blogging, and I’ve been tagged a few times before.

I, on the other hand, am starting a group writing project right here, and tagging people (the list of who I am tagging is below), but I’m standing the whole thing on its head.  Instead of me choosing a topic and requesting that all of the writers listed below respond with an article, I’m listing authors and requesting that they each give ME a topic for an article.

I will link each article to the home page of the blog of the person suggesting the topic, as well as back to this article.  I will also update this article after I complete each article associated with the project, so that there is one comprehensive list of each person who responded, what topic they suggested, and the article that resulted.

Hopefully those whom I tag are game to try my reverse writing project… all I ask is that the topics have something to do with self-development and/or relationships.  So, on to the list:

Aaron at Today Is That Day
Jenny at Jenny And Erin
Mark at The Winding Path
Jean at The Cheeful Monk

You certainly don’t have to write a post about this, though of course if you’d like to I always appreciate the links… just leave a comment or send me an email.  If you’re not on the list and still want to be in on this experiment, leave a comment (or send an email to jasonivers at yahoo) with your website and suggested topic… if your website passes my “good enough” evaluation, I’ll include you in the body of this article, and write an article on your subject.

Also, if anyone wants to, they can feel free to steal my idea, or even pass a link to this article to anyone who might be interested.

So, Peter, how’s that for thinking differently?

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